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What started as a brash, bright-eyed mission to publish erotic fiction evolved into a strange, beautiful, and rebellious publication + project label that connected a global readership of artists + thinkers.

Whole Beast Rag was the brainchild of Katharine Hargreaves and Grace Littlefield. Published quarterly between the years of 2012-2014, Whole Beast Rag featured radical ideas, art, and interviews by academics, anarchists, artists, authors, and others living on the fringes and edges of pop culture. 

Whole Beast Rag produced 7 total issues, 2 print supplements, 4 mixtapes, and an internet zine in its time. 



The Whole Beast Rag website was designed to facilitate content discovery + interaction.

Our objective in the website redesign was to surface existing content in new ways while still making it easy for people to find what they wanted. 

Users were encouraged to play and explore. 

Clicking the bottom footer resulted in an interactive pop-up that quickly "shuffled" through content for a few seconds before presenting the user with a randomized piece from the archives. 

Key Tasks: 

  • Browse new and existing content via issue archive 

  • Browse or search for contributors

  • View timeline of recent posts 

Information Experiments


Experimental information design took form across numerous channels as the publication grew and evolved over time. Our focus was not to fit information inside a screen, but rather to embrace how interactive components encouraged readers to think critically and connect the dots across a large body of written work from a global network of creatives. 

We created digital ebooks that were sold for a period of time on Amazon, and produced a digital chapbook translation of a French novel, Ecoute La Pluie. Our internet zine commented on cultural meta-stories across media (both accidental and otherwise) and our first physical publication was screen-printed by hand. 

  Ecoute La Pluie , a chapbook translation of the French novel / digital edition of  AMERI/A  issue 

Ecoute La Pluie, a chapbook translation of the French novel / digital edition of AMERI/A issue 

Our website was an extension of our desire to engage people in radical creative thinking. 

 Poster for 2014 issues /  Internet Lookbook  Zine 

Poster for 2014 issues / Internet Lookbook Zine 

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3 Tammy 
4 Ameri/a 
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