Design As Ritual 


Magic is the technology of consciousness. 

SLAM! Storytelling, Language, Art, Music is an ongoing event featuring inspirational talks on design combining aspects of performance poetry and accompanied by music and video art. Inspired by poetry slams, the Design Slam features innovative design thinkers exploring interdisciplinary topics at the nexus of design, technology and inspiration.

Exploring universal design principles as the foundation, my objective is to show that design is not limited to digital screens, but ultimately a process through which we can understand and facilitate change on both micro and macro scales. 

Sponsored by NELAUX (pronounced "nee-low"), the North-East Los Angeles User Experience group. NELAUX is dedicated to establishing a community of UX Designers, Entrepreneurs and Engineers to develop and promote innovation in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Glendale and surrounding areas.

With thanks to Julian Scaff and General Assembly for hosting this event.