Design Thinking Workshop

  Freshman at King Chavez showcasing their story maps identifying community issues. 

Freshman at King Chavez showcasing their story maps identifying community issues. 

King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools serves over 2,000 students in the Historic Barrio District and Downtown San Diego.

The Project

The King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools is focused on closing the achievement gap between urban students and their suburban counterparts, promoting social justice through educational reform, and developing local leaders. 

Our goal in piloting a design thinking workshop was to test initial tools we would use when co-creating a semester-long curriculum. Over the course of two days, students identified and discussed problems in their communities and prototyped potential solutions. 

The most interesting thing I learned in the workshop is that many people are affected by the problems we selected but we could all help to change that.
— Student, 14

The Process

Fresh Conceptual's educational mission is driven by community innovation. Our goal was to create an understanding of how to use and apply technology as a practical vehicle for change. Our objective was to teach high school students critical thinking skills through application of technology-based tools and methods. 

Our two-day workshop focused on introducing key concepts and skill application through fun, interactive exercises, games, and discussion-based prompts.  Students had never been exposed to the design thinking methodology, although they were currently incorporating technology-based learning and agile methods in their blended classroom.


67% would take the workshop again
24% weren’t sure if they would take it again
4% would not take it again

The workshop incorporated the following hard and soft skill components:

  • Empathy Interviews
  • Collaborative Ideation
  • Storytelling
  • Roadmapping
  • Pitching.
The most interesting thing that I learned was that there are many creative useful ideas that could make a change in our society.
— Student, 14