Enterprise Healthcare System


Enterprise cloud-based health software that streamlines hospice + home care services for an extended network of caregivers.

The product suite served an extensive network of remote nurses, healthcare practitioners, and clinical teams distributed across the country.

Yet the existing system hadn’t been updated since the early 90s and was a complex suite of interconnected products with a legacy user base. 

Each product was a self-contained module focused on a different aspect of internal (clinician-focused) or external (patient-focused) process management.


Our goal was to optimize dense information flows, increase user efficiency, and overhaul the UI.

The redesign focused on designing a user-centered system that streamlined the information architecture and navigation patterns, condensed extended forms and reduced clicks across data-heavy pages, while modernizing the look and feel of the interface. 

 IDG is a 

The problem? Grids. 

The product suite was built with a focus on robust database management. Each product had many user flows and numerous feature sets that supported critical tasks. The existing solutions for data gathering, access, and display were mainly grids and forms. The system behaved like a database, but did not support human-centered interactions, visualization, and information management.

System functionality included (but was not limited to): 

  • Onboarding and managing new patients and quickly access existing patients' medical information

  • Coordinating and scheduling multiple patient visits between a distributed network of caregivers

  • Updating and managing patient medications history and doctor prescriptions

  • Approving intakes and appointments

  • Accounting and various financial tools

  • Administrator dashboards


* More work available by request.