User Experience Design Immersive

General Assembly is a technology bootcamp and career accelerator transforming vocational education. The 10-week immersive program is crafted by top practitioners in the field and focuses on helping adult learners transition into a new career as a Jr. UX Designer. As the Lead Instructor for UXDI Los Angeles, I am responsible for the success of the student learning experience.  

  Class photo celebrating the end of cohort

Class photo celebrating the end of cohort

Design is a strategic process. 
Design is a creative mindset. 

As a lead instructor for the User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI), my objective is to empower students with both the strategic process (hard skills) and the creative mindset (soft skills) that drive professional success in the industry.

The full-time immersive course emphasizes project-based learning so that designers are actively applying new skills through both independent and collaborative group work. Students come out of the program with a portfolio showcasing their expertise and client experience. 

 Hassan Bouholaigh with his creative interpretation of the UX process 

Hassan Bouholaigh with his creative interpretation of the UX process 

 Kiara Lowry demonstrating that unicorns are real 

Kiara Lowry demonstrating that unicorns are real 

Kat is super engaging and I always look forward to her lectures. She is a great illustration of leading by example in thinking like a designer. She is open to ideas, great at re-directing comments vs. making students “wrong”. We all comment that she is a great example of the kind of presenter, teammate, and designer we’d like to be.
— Jennifer Walters, SM-20

Designing the Learning Experience 

I am fascinated by the learning process. Each market has its own personality, and thus instructors are responsible for tailoring the overall experience to meet local industry expectations.

General Assembly provides a standard curriculum designed by experts and practitioners, and instructors are encouraged to iterate, adapt, and expand on the lectures in order to personalize the experience. 

As an instructor, my passion is designing a learning process that emphasizes critical thinking and creative process over technical tools.

My focus has been on instructional development of lectures to supplement the existing curriculum (especially where it comes to diversity, design ethics, and exponential trends such as VR, AI, and Blockchain), designing exercises and activities that promote effective diagnosing of complex problems and strategic solution creation, and bringing in guest speakers to expand on a range of relevant topics. 

Kat is an exceptional instructor and leader. She is especially adept at breaking down complex ideas and explaining abstract concepts in a colloquial way. She is definitely passionate and talented at what she does, so I hope she sticks around to influence and inspire other GA students in the future.
— Anonymous Student, SM-22

Instructor Responsibilities

    • Adapting and updating curriculum components in addition to delivering relevant, engaging and timely lectures 
    • Developing individual and group project rubrics to keep students informed of their progress throughout in the course
    • Design activities, exercises, and other creative assessment strategies to ensure that students are grasping key concepts and applying them correctly 
    • Developing project briefs and defining core skills that will be tested through application 
    • Classroom management and conflict resolution
    • Recruiting guest speakers and alumni to come in and provide additional feedback, insights, and expertise
    • Informing students of upcoming relevant events and structuring collaborative activities with other immersive students 
    • Other classroom logistics  
    Kat creates a very welcoming class atmosphere where no one needs to worry if their question or answers are wrong or dumb. She encourages the class to think rather than learn the “correct” answer.
    — Anonymous Student, SM-20